Wednesday, June 8, 2011

44/50: Killers

Well, once I put this on the list I sort of figured what the response would be. People told me to skip it, it's horrible.

So, I went into this film expecting the absolute worst, and I came away liking it a bit more than I expected. So, I guess the worst your expectations are you can feel any film is better than it actually is.

Killers stars Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl. I do not hate Kutcher's career, but for some reason I really have no film that sticks out that I enjoyed him in. He was great in "That 70s Show", but his movie career has definitely been mostly miss than hit - I guess the lone movie I truly enjoy of his is Butterfly Effect.

As for Heigl, I have sort of lost all respect for her. She was the cute girl that stayed in the background of all of those movies you watched when you were younger - no one really knew who she was. Then came her breakout role in "Grey's Anatomy" and Knocked Up. And I was actually excited for her career. But, the inevitable happened and she became way bigger than she should be - at least in her mind.

Anyway, back to the film. Kutcher is Spencer Aimes, an assassin who falls for Heigl's Jen Kornfeldt. He gives up his life as an assassin, which she doesn't know about, to live in suburbia and settle down.

Well, the expected happens and Aimes is called back into action, only find that his boss, Holbrook (Martin Mull), has been killed - and there is a huge bounty placed on his head. And, everyone is trying to kill him.

Jen, of course, finds out about his true identity and is thrust into action in order to save both of their skins. All the while struggling with if she knows the man she married - and if she will stay with him in the end.

I enjoyed the action and a few of the jokes tossed around. I didn't hate Kutcher in the role, and I tolerated Heigl. It was pretty funny to see Tom Selleck as Jen's father though.

Like I said, I didn't absolutely hate it because that it what I was expecting. But, it isn't amazing - I tolerated it.


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