Friday, June 17, 2011

Girls of TV: My Reasoning

Well, I have decided to piggyback off of Fletch's brilliant Girls/Guys of the 80's and Girls of the 90's idea, which was concluded by Jess with the Guys of the 90's.

So, I got the brilliant (as in crazy) idea to start a Girls of TV bracket - which you will all be voting on during the coming month (I am sure it will take about that long).

I received some help in getting some lovely ladies for this tournament because I don't watch all television shows, although Mrs. Kano may think I do. But, even with help, I am sure that some beautiful ladies were left off - and for that I am sorry. There is always room in next year's (providing this goes well) bracket.

My rules were pretty simple - the show must be currently on television, the girl must be a current star of the television show and it must be an actual show (no reality television or soap operas).

However, I sort of broke my own rule on one lady - I had created this before all of next year's shows were picked up and hers was not. But, technically as of the creation of this bracket she was still on the air.

Finally, I had a really hard time narrowing the ladies down to a proper bracket number of 32, so I decided to put in some 'play-in' rounds. The lower seeds will go off against each other to move on to face the big daddies.

As for the seeding, I had a really hard time deciding who should go where - so after creating my rankings I also recruited Mrs. Kano, my sister and her husband to rank the ladies. Then, I averaged the four together to come to the final seeds. Some may seem out of whack, but in the end seeding means nothing - the best will move on.

So, that's it. Pretty simple. Now it is up to you. Starting Monday I will begin with the first 'play-in' game and continue until the champion is crowned. That is where you come in, make your voice heard.

And ladies, please vote as well - if all goes well with the voting (meaning I am happy with the participants) I will do a Guys of TV (but I will need some help).


  1. Betty White better be on this list!

  2. HAHA, oops. Forgot her - that is one for next years list.

  3. Looking forward to it! Though I'm pissed - I was hoping the list of ladies would be here. ;)

  4. I was thinking about it. But, I think I am going to hold those in my pocket until they are revealed one day at a time. It'll be like a little surprise each day :-)

  5. Can't wait to vote. Don't forget to go vote on the finals of the Guys of the 90s!

  6. the show must be currently on television

    ...and I'm out. Good luck with the bracket, Kano!

  7. Shoot I would hav wanted to vote for Sarah Michelle Gellar or Kristin Bell. I hardly watch any tv-shows that still are running besides Biggest Loser! Is Jillian in the tournament?

  8. Hey guys, you dont have to watch the shows to vote - I will photos. I dont watch all of the shows either.

    Sorry, no Jillian - reality show.

    Come back and vote - please!