Sunday, June 26, 2011

Girls of TV: Michele vs. Hendricks

Well, at the time that I write this Busy Phillips has knocked off Sofia Vergara in yet another surprise vote.

If anything does happen to change as this gets posted, I will change this posting.

Anyway, voting continues.

(8) Lea Michele

I am not too familiar with Michele, but she is currently one of the stars on FOX's Glee. She plays Rachel Berry, the daughter of an interracial, gay couple, and one of the main singers in the glee club.

(9) Christina Hendricks

Hendricks stars as Joan Harris on AMC's hit series, Mad Men. Her character is one of the employees at the advertising agency Sterling Cooper. Other than her role on the series, Hendricks is best known for her vivacious curves - a throwback to Marilyn Monroe.


  1. Based on looks alone, I know this is gonna go to Hendricks... but I had to give it up to Lea Michele (and there are some sexier pictures of her out there!). I love Glee.

  2. Jeez - i'm doing my best. These look pretty good to me. LOL.

  3. Lol, the second one is good. I just know about the existence of this:



  4. Michele is pretty cute, but I might have to boycott this thing if Hendricks loses this early. Glee...gimme a break - you're not supposed to just vote for your favorite show!

  5. No boycotting - just rally your troops.

  6. @Nick - if she moves on, I will use that pic for her next matchup.

  7. I was pretty sure the whole idea was a mix between resume and looks, not looks alone. And I've not seen Mad Men, so to Glee it went.

  8. that is perfectly fine - I have no issues with anyone who moves on - if they get the votes the deserve to win, no mater the criteria.