Friday, May 23, 2008

Wii Fit Arrives

The long anticipated arrival of Wii Fit has finally come. It arrived at our house yesterday around 2 p.m.

Erika was able to dive into the game while I was on my way home, and gave me a bit of a rundown of the game. She was also able to explain a few things to me when I got to try it out.

The Wii Fit game comes with what is called as a balancing board that is recognized by your Wii (minus the cords). When you first sign on, you will select a Mii that you have created for yourself. Then it asks you a series of questions - like your height and birth date.

Then you go through a series of tests to determine just how out of shape you are, which can be a bit disheartening.

I found out that I am, according to the game, an obese human being. I am about 28 BMI's over where I should be at. Then you get to select a goal for yourself. I selected that I would like to lose 15 pounds in two months - or about when we are leaving for the Outer Banks.

Once inside the actual game, you select a trainer (male or female) then can navigate through four different exercise types (strength, balance, aerobics, yoga). So far, I have only tried the balance and aerobics games that are available - depending how you do during these 'games' you get a certain amount of points. The more points you get opens up more 'games' in the game itself.

I hula-hooped, walked a tightrope, stopped soccer balls, did the step-up, had a brisk run, skiied downhill, skiied off a jump and tried to get balls into a hole. It was actually pretty fun - and it was exercise.

I will definitely be trying the rest of the game sometime this weekend. And I will try and keep you updated with how I am doing with my goals.

Last night, Kasey and I also got our haircut. It has been a chore in the past with Kasey, and it looked to be heading that way again. Even before Chas started last night, he saw her and started crying. Thankfully he did calm down enough to get his hair done.

Before we left I stopped in GameStop and picked up a copy of We Ski, which uses the Wii Fit balancing board. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks like it should be pretty fun.

Finally, last night Erika and I played online with Mario Kart - and were joined by Cyle later on. I have become pretty decent at the game, and when we have gone online have more than held my own against people throughout the world.

Last night, though, it appeared that everyone was out to get me. I would get near the top, and get smacked back down to the back of the pack - then work my way back, only to get smacked again. It was getting kind of annoying really. I did manage a few top three finishes, but not as many as I have been getting of late.

The bad part about that is, you gain points with how well you do. As you get more and more points, they expect you to do better. So even though I was getting near the top, I was actually losing points because the game expected better.

Oh well. Possibly could have another blog later today to get you through the long weekend. If not, please remember to vote on the poll to the right. And have a nice Memorial Day Weekend.

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