Friday, May 9, 2008

Bill Simmons: The Sports Guy

Many of you out there, or at least those who are actually reading this drivel, know that I am not only a huge sports fans, but that I had previously been employed by the local newspaper and covered local sporting events for actual writing purposes.

Anyway, over the past few years I have sort of grown an attachment, obsession, etc. towards Bill Simmons, more commonly known as 'The Sports Guy'.

Simmons is currently a writer for ESPN's Page 2 and ESPN: The Magazine. His knowledge of sports, blended with humor and very bright ideas has promoted him to my favorite sports writer of all-time. Now granted, I am only 27 and my knowledge of previous sports writing history is very brief. But, Simmons doesn't just cover the game and tell you about it - he digs deep; he sees things that many don't see.

This is the type of writer that I wanted to become. In his Page 2 column he blends his sports knowledge, not only with humor, but with entertainment as well.

Simmons was just a working schlub like myself, when he worked for the Boston Herald (ok, the Boston Herald is a little more superior then the Press-Republican....but just a little), but he wanted more. So, he quit the paper and began a website where he called himself 'The Boston Sports Guy' (it has since been shortened as he delves into the entire sports universe, not just New England's). This was back when websites were not as well known yet - but his site catapulted him into the mainstream.

If I had one wish (besides, you know long and lasting life, health and happiness for my family) it would be to accomplish what he was able to accomplish. Because of his writing style he has developed a huge following, been signed by the biggest sports entertainment business (ESPN), is known by many celebrities and athletes, and can attend basically any event that he wants.

Bill Simmons is my sports writing hero. And who knows - maybe I can be Sports Guy 2. But, I seriously doubt that.

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