Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Title, New Blog

Hey fans (all six of you it appears), thanks for voting on my poll. The poll officially closed today at 10 a.m. so I have changed the name of the blog to Kano's Kogitation.

This title won over Kano's Ramblings 4-2. Again thanks for voting. I am sure to have more polls up in the future, so keep a look out.

Also, I would like to apologize for not getting my Top 10 done on Tuesday as I had initially said I would be doing from now on. I admit, the 3-day weekend truly screwed me up, so I kept thinking that Tuesday was Monday. I didn't realize until it was too late. So I am thinking there will be no Top 10 this week - but it shall return next Tuesday.

Yesterday I took Erika to the dentist to get her wisdom teeth out. I figured I would be there for at least an hour, and she would pretty much be out of it for most of the day. Well, it took about 30 minutes and when I pulled the car around to get her - she was sitting up and talking with the nurse.

I thought the worst. I had witnessed two other patients stumbling alongside their driver to their cars. And when I was told to pull around to the back, I figured she must be in the same state. But, she was up and talking - I didn't find out 'til later in the day that she was still not 100% with it - as she listened to the nurse and asked questions, but had no recollection of this later.

This reminded me of the day that I got my wisdom teeth out. It was my freshman year of college, and I got gassed (apparently Erika was put out by an IV). My mom said that I when I woke up I was pretty out of it, constantly smiling and making jokes.

I didn't have that big of an issue with them - I had really puffy cheeks, I bled for awhile and had some minor bruising. I did have to go back to get checked because my mouth took forever stop hurting so I could eat normally.

Things appeared to have gone a lot better for her, thank goodness. She is definitely a trooper. We went to Wal-Mart immediately after her surgery and picked up her drugs, plus some other things we needed to get. Even though I guess she technically wasn't all the way into things yet, I couldn't even tell.

Things are pretty busy at work right now - I have to get this estimate finished by Friday, so my blogs might not be as interesting. If, however, I am able to stay up tonight and watch the Lost finale, I might be able to blog about that tomorrow. We shall see.


  1. Oh no! I'm sure you're already doing this, but take care of Erika! Thankfully I haven't had to endure the removal of my wisdom teeth. Scary.

  2. I was put to sleep via IV when I had mine cut out. It was the weirdest feelings. At one point I'm staring up at the ceiling, wide awake and fine. The next thing I know, it's about 30 minutes to an hour later and I'm being woken up. And much like your wife, I was perfectly fine. I wasn't all stumbly or whatnot.

    But then I did end up with Dry Socket, which is the suckiest and most painful thing in the entire world.