Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Weekend

This weekend was both odd and nice at the same time.

Shannon visited us on Friday night when Cyle had a softball game. She came up and played with Kasey for awhile, then the three of us played Mario Kart after Kasey went to sleep.

A few weeks ago my parents had finally decided what they wanted to do with their 'extra' room, or the room that used to be occupied by Shannon. Anyway, they finally agreed upon a spare bedroom. Which tackles two problems, the first of which was someone being able to stay there on a visit - and the second is that Kasey is closer to an actual bed now then before.

So anyway, Erika and I were taking over the couch (with a bed inside) from their room, while Shannon and Cyle were getting the two recliners.

On Saturday, I had planned to borrow a truck and get these items to the rightful houses, as well as visiting the dump to throw away the old couch and toilet from our house. The morning started well, as Cyle and I got the truck, then the couch from my parents and rushed to my house to drop it off. Erika had already moved the old couch outside for us, so we got the rest of the garbage and tied everything down.

This is where things started to slow down for us. I was supposed to be back at the house by noon so that Erika could go to a bridal shower. However, I did not factor in how long going to the dump actually takes. I had not been there in a long time, so I was unaware at how unorganized the place really is.

I had to wait in three separate lines (I got there at or around 11:15). The first of which was still on the road to turn into the dump. Once I was allowed in and got my handy number (I was 33 if anyone cares), I had to wait in another line to get to the actual dumpsters. Once we made it there, it took less than a minute to dump in the couch, toilet and various boxes we had. Then the real waiting began - that of which to get out of the dump. If there was no wait, I would have most likely made it to the house just after noon, but I was probably car 30 on the way out.

By the time I got out, dropped off the truck and made it home it was after 12:30. So, I thought I was really in the doghouse.

The whole issue with the dump is this, they have only one weighing mechanism. This is used for those going in, and those going out - so there is constant waiting. I don't have that much of an issue with the dumpster waiting, although with as much space as the dump actually owns, this could also be expanded for less of a wait.

Anyway, I had already planned on doing a lot of work around the house on Saturday - I was hoping to surprise Erika - but when I managed to be late, Erika had to take Kasey with her to the shower. So my surprise probably ended up looking like a plea (and some of it probably was). I put up two of the remaining three lights that we had in the house, I cleaned the bathroom, did the dishes and laundry, vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen floor and put away Kasey's clothes. Yeah I seriously worked up a sweat, because I wanted to do as much as possible before Erika and Kasey got back from the bridal shower - so in around 3 1/2 hours.

On Sunday (Mother's Day), I jetted out to the grocery store for the annual shopping Erika usual does, and picked up the Mother's Day donuts (haha). We headed for Wal-Mart around 3, and spent a good hour plus at my parents house. Then we went to Arnie's for dinner with her family. It was pretty good.

So that was pretty much our weekend. Again, pretty busy - but aren't all weekends.

(another blog will come later today)

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  1. Last I checked, it was WEEKLY shopping.