Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Softball Star

Softball has probably just landed itself a new star, but I can guarantee you it is not me.

The fun softball league started off last night with its first game. My father, sister, wife, mother-in-law and father-in-law have been playing on this team for a few years now. Due to my work schedule, however, I have not been able to participate. Two years ago, I did get to play one game as it fell on a day that I had off. I played pretty well - I should have retired when I had the chance.

Last night our team, which last year was apparently a .500 team, got throttled by a bunch of current or former CVBL baseball players. This league is by no means a competitive league, it is all supposed to be for fun - and I did have fun.

I played a new position last night, one I have never played before in my life. In my baseball career I was mostly a shortstop or second baseman, but also played a little of centerfield. Last night, however, I played third base - or the 'hot corner'. My arm is, to put it bluntly, weak. So even in a softball game, throwing to first from third is difficult for me. I had a few balls hit to me - the first of which I threw too short and the guy was safe. Two others I feel I made pretty good plays on - and another line drive that went in my glove, but fell right out - I did however throw him out at first, thanks to a nice scoop by my sister at first.

Hitting last night, was definitely the teams problem (although fielding could use some work as well). Aside from a handful of people - my dad and Mark come to mind - our hitting left a lot to be desired. I am definitely lumped into that group. In practice I had been hitting the ball pretty well, but last night I hit a hard grounder to third, a lazy pop fly to third and a soft liner to shortstop (this I did leg out to avoid a double-play - yay me).

Luckily the team we played is probably the best in the league, and we got it out of the way early in the season. I look forward to the rest of the year - even though I needed to sit in a bucket of ice last night. How quick you lose your athletic ability, it's sad really.

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