Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Top 10: Canceled TV Shows

These Top 10 lists I have been making appear to be coming in pairs, so here is another one for you.

The television networks are, within the week, announcing their Fall lineups for the upcoming season. Each year there is always a few shows that are pretty amazing that get the boot thanks to either terrible promoting or bad airtime given to it by the network - either way a good shows cancellation is usually the fault of the network itself.

This season I have been waiting patiently for the announcement if a few of my favorite shows would be making it back next season, or becoming yet another show that I spent time watching only to get axed before a real ending was given.

Thankfully Reaper was announced to be coming back to the CW Network for a second season on Monday, and just today How I Met Your Mother was asked back for a fourth season. Unfortunately, one of my shows didn't make the cut - and it is actually listed below.

Below are a list of 10 recent (within the last 10-15 years) shows that have been booted that I had a very strong interest in. I didn't really include comedies, due to the fact that basically every show there is an ending to a particular problem - comedies have no real cliffhangers like dramas, etc. do. This is sometimes not the case, but I couldn't come up with any off the top of my head.

Also, there has been a large cry for some shows such as Firefly, Futurama, Jericho, Freaks & Geeks and My So Called Life. I was not lucky enough to watch Freaks & Geeks or Firefly during its original broadcast, so I did not include them - not saying they aren't worth a spot on the list, just that I can't include them due to my not seeing them.

So here is my top 10 (in reverse order as always):

10) Popular
Comments: A pair of girls, who go to the same high school, but despise each other, learn that they will now be step-sisters thanks to their parents getting married.

9) Undeclared
Comments: The second attempt by Judd Apatow (Superbad, Knocked Up) in the television world. The first of which was Freaks & Geeks. Like its predecessor, Undeclared has a few of the castoffs like Seth Rogen and and Jason Segal. The show is about the first year of college and basically starting to spread your wings on your own.

8) Joan of Arcadia
Comments: I didn't get into this show right away, but I did later on thanks to it's airings on the baron Friday night. The story is about a girl that speaks to God, and her struggle to live life - as well as her families difficulties as well.

7) Playmakers
Comments: This is probably the most well done television show, or anything really, depicting life in the National Football League. Which is why ESPN (who broadcasts NFL games) was pressured into canceling the show after just one season. It followed players from a fake team and everything that went a long with them - including drugs, violence, money, adultery and homosexuality.

6) Traveler
Comments: This show really excited me, not just for its premise, but because it was shown during the summer - when all other shows had gone away from original broadcasts (which I think should happen more often). It followed a trio of college buddies on one last trip before going out into the real world - except one of them wasn't who they thought he was, and blackmailed them for a museum bombing. The show was never concluded.

5) Early Edition
Comments: This is a pretty interesting concept. Gary Hobson, played by Kyle Chandler, receives a newspaper every morning, with tomorrow's news. What would you do? He takes things into his own hands, becoming the reluctant superhero, as he saves lives by stopping accidents that he knows is going to happen thanks to his trusty newspaper.

4) Saved
Comments: This was a show very much like ER, except it followed the lives of the EMT's instead of the doctors. It was pretty interesting, but unfortunately only lasted one season on TNT - even though other shows like The Closer and Saving Grace get to return, despite not being as entertaining.

3) Standoff
Comments: I was first drawn to this show thanks to its casting of Ron Livingston (Office Space) in the lead role. But, it was yet another crime drama that I fell for, with a little different premise. Livingston and Rosemarie DeWitt are negotiating specialists, who are brought to hostage situations to try and talk the criminal out of hurting his hostages, and giving himself up.

2) Las Vegas
Comments: This show stings pretty hard. This is the show that was canceled from this season, with a huge cliffhanger in the balance. How can a network do that? Las Vegas has been on the air for five years, with very good followers of the show - and to just flat out cancel the series without at least wrapping up the loopholes is a slap in the face.

1) SeaQuest DSV
Comments: I have to admit that after the first two seasons of SeaQuest DSV it got a little too unbelievable. The third season, titled SeaQuest 2032, lost its captain and was transported even further into the future, and they lost a lot of their audience. However, the first two seasons of this show were terrific - and thankfully have been released on DVD. The show was a lot like Star Trek, but based on the ocean instead of space. The casting was great - especially Roy Scheider (Capt. Bridger) and Jonathan Brandis (Lucas Wolenczak), both who have since passed on in real life.

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