Monday, May 5, 2008

Rainy Weekend

It was another busy weekend for the Kane household. The bad news is the weather didn't really cooperate the way we had hoped.

Friday night, Erika started on the remodeling of our bathroom (well technically she had started removing the paint the week before, but she really got into it on Friday). This was one of the major projects of the weekend.

I removed the toilet from the bathroom, and Erika sanded and painted the entire bathroom, including trim. On Sunday, my father came up and after Erika put the new floor down - we installed a brand new (not running all the time) toilet in the bathroom.

Now for those who don't know, this bathroom is technically our broom closet. It's in the room underneath our stairs. It's only really a toilet, a light and a medicine cabinet. This room is rather dark, with no windows, and the former owners of the house had painted it a shade of blue - so it really didn't help out on the darkness front. Anyway, the bathroom is now yellow, with white trim - so it's a lot more light in there now.

The second project of the weekend was to install our new fans and lights throughout the house. My father helped me install the new fans in both Kasey's and our room. We then put new lights in the new bathroom, the upstairs hall and the family room. There are still three more to put up (the computer room and the front and back porches) which I will try to do in the upcoming weeks.

Saturday was supposed to be somewhat decent outside, and we were going to clean up the remainder of the hedge, clean up the lawn and then mow it - but it was raining almost the entire weekend, so that was put on the back burner. That is something we will try to conquer during the week.

Shannon and Cyle came up on Saturday and we all got to play Mario Kart Wii together. It's a lot of fun playing against people that you know. During the weekend I managed to unlock all but three of the characters - so I am working on getting those.

That was basically the weekend. Our softball practice was canceled on Sunday, so we haven't been in two weeks. Next Sunday is Mother's Day - so I am not sure if we even have it. We'll see.

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