Friday, May 30, 2008

Penny's Boat

I have always been a fan of the show Lost. Even through it's rough second season, I still had hope - and actually still enjoyed the episodes. But, I never realized just how good a plan can actually start to come together.

The producers of the show were treading water during the shows second season, and possibly the third. They weren't exactly sure just how long this show would last - so some of the stories were stretched, and things sort of slowed down.

Then came the end date. ABC executives and the Lost producers came together and decided just how long the show will run, and when the last episode would air. And then there was closure. The producers could finally map out their vision - and their vision has truly become amazing.

Last night's fourth season finale answered some of the most intriguing questions that have developed - Who was in the coffin? Are those that didn't leave still alive? How did Ben arrive in the Middle East? How exactly did the Oceanic 6 get off the island? - but of course, more questions were made - and we now have to wait until January of February until the start of season five.

Below is my review of the season finale, and season four in general. For those not wishing to learn anything about the show - might be best to stop reading.

"There's No Place Like Home (2-3)". Last night's episode was a combination of two that finished off what started two weeks ago.

The most important pieces to this finale were 1) The Orchid Station 2) The Freighter 3) The Flash Forward.

The Orchid Station appears to be some sort of time machine. Ben leads Locke deep into the islands core, telling him that he has to go someplace cold to save the island, and they he could never return again.

This is how Ben ends up in the Middle East. He goes into this deep hole behind the Orchid Station and turns what looks to be a sideways boat steering wheel. By doing so, the island vanishes and Ben is whisked to where we find him in the future - in some Middle Eastern country.

On the freighter, however, Michael has decided to try and keep the bomb cold in hoping it could delay the inevitable. Just as the helicopter (carrying Jack, Sun, Aaron, Kate, Lupidus and Hurley) lands Desmond forces them to take off again - leaving both Jin and Michael behind.

We learn that the bomb is actually connected to Kearny's heart rate. If he dies, the boat will explode. So of course he eggs Ben on about killing his daughter (before the island disappears), and Ben jumps out and stabs him in the neck about three times. Locke does all he can to keep him - and those on the freighter - alive, but he can't. Just as the bomb is about to go off, Christian is shown in front of Michael. There is something going on there, obviously, but I wouldn't be surprised if neither Michael nor Jin are actually dead - despite the bomb destroying the freighter.

Those on the helicopter are heading back to the island just as it disappears. With no place to go, the helicopter loses fuel and crashes into the ocean. Everyone survives and are bobbing along on a life raft, when a boat is discovered. This time it actually is Penny's boat.

This is when Jack actually starts to listen to Locke. Thanks to the miracle he proclaimed, Jack starts to believe and carries out his wishes. To save those on the island, those the Oceanic 6 must lie about what happened on the island. So that is how they landed on that other island - they left Penny's boat together and went there on purpose to be rescued.

At least we now know that most, if not all, of everyone else is still alive. And, more people did survive and got off of the island - Desmond and Lapidus.

The Flash Forwards were a continuation of last season's season finale, where Jack is basically insane and trying to get Kate to go back to the island.

Things we find out, though, is that Sayid has busted Hurley out of the insane asylum; Kate is having dreams about Claire; Ben tells Jack that in order for them to go back to the island - everyone must go back, including the person who is in the coffin ------ non other than Mr. Locke himself.

A fitting finale to a very exciting thrill ride to a season. Like I said, now that there is an end in sight - the Lost people certainly have a guide to their remaining seasons.

I wish, however, that we didn't have to wait so long, but I guess that is television nowadays.

I am very anxious to see if/how those who got off the island get back to the island. Who exactly survived that is still on the island. How Locke got off, and died. So many unanswered questions - the rest of the season's have a lot to answer, it should be a fun ride.


  1. AHHH!!

    I almost read this before I realized it was a review of the Lost finale.


    I'll check back after I've seen it. ;)

  2. Heck yeah. It was an awesome finale. And I agree... I wish we didn't have to wait so long for the next season.

    Oh, and I liked season 2...

  3. I like season 2 as well. It was just a little slower then the first and fourth seasons.