Monday, April 28, 2008

Walking Weekend

Well, another weekend has come and gone. This weekend was more of an extended weekend for me as I took Friday off - my first day off in a long time.

So Friday I spent the day at home with Kasey. We had a pretty good time, and I managed to get a few things done at the house.

On Saturday, Erika, Kasey and I went down to the Base Oval to 'Race for Stace'. This was setup for a schoolmate of mine, Stacey Frechette, who was killed last year in a car accident. It was a pretty good turn out - and the weather, despite being windy, was pretty decent. The 'Race' raised money for a scholarship being raised in Stacey's honor for high school gymnasts.

Sunday we did it all again. This time it was the 'March for Babies' also at the Base Oval. The walk was a little different, but still a few miles long. Our group managed to raise over $1,300 this year, surpassing our goal. Mark, Dee, Jack and Katy joined us for the walk - as well as Erika's friend Lorie and her mother. Afterwards, we went over to Mark & Dee's for pizza ad to hang out.

Also, Mario Kart Wii came out on Sunday (we picked that up before heading to Mark & Dee's), but we didn't get a chance to play until late last night. We went through the starting characters and stages - and it's pretty fun - I know Erika seemed to like it too.

Finally, the NFL Draft also occurred this weekend. The Steelers, in my opinion, had a pretty strong draft, despite not really filling their needs for offensive line help. They first drafted Rashard Mendenhall, a running back from Illinois. The Steelers are pretty strong with Willie Parker, but when he got hurt last year the drop off was pretty significant. Nowadays you basically need to have two talented running backs, so this fits the bill. In the second round, the Steelers drafted the player I have had my eye on for a few years now. I was a huge Plaxico Burress fan when he played in Pittsburgh, due to his height and speed, and thought the Steelers had been missing that big receiver since he left. So I really like the selection of Texas' Limas Sweed (right). I will probably be picking up his jersey when it comes out.

All-in-all a pretty productive and busy weekend. Hopefully things will slow down, but I doubt it. It's nice to have things to do - and next weekend looks to be pretty busy with work around the house. Oh well, it has to be done.

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