Monday, April 21, 2008

Summer-like Weekend

We had a pretty eventful weekend again.

The weather was more than amazing. It was mid-70's the entire three days (and it looks to be continuing that way) so we were able to spend some time outdoors this weekend.

On Friday after work I stopped in at the Press-Republican with Kasey to say hello to a few former co-workers. It was good to see them, and I still miss the environment - and of course writing for the paper. The sports section was gearing up for the spring season, so John Coryer was getting the annual spring previews in order. I definitely miss parts of the sports writing business.

That night Erika, Kasey and myself took a little walk around Rouses Point and stopped at Gino's for some ice cream. Gino's has a boatload of flavors to choose from. Last year, however, they didn't get these flavors until at least May or June - but luckily they had them from the get-go this year, so I was happy.

On Saturday, we all made the trek to Plattsburgh to Lowes to purchase some things for the house. We managed a pretty good spending spree (ugh), and got ceiling fans for both Kasey's and our room, an air conditioner for Kasey, new light fixtures for basically the entire house, some new things for our downstairs bathroom - and other various things. We will probably be doing the installing in a couple of weeks.

When we got home, I hit the back yard to clean up the winters-worth of Abby droppings. Although most had already been dried up. Erika hit the front yard and cut down three of our prickly bushes. That night we again hit Gino's - it's addicting.

On Sunday, softball season officially started. Erika and her parents play on a coed fun league softball team. And last year my sister and dad joined the squad. I had never been able to participate due to my work constrictions, but this year I will be able to make most of the games (unless they fall on a day I am playing basketball). So, we went to the park for some batting and fielding practice. Today, however, I am a little bit sore.

After practice my dad got some pizza and wings for us to enjoy - and we did. We went home and conquered a few more household chores. I got the two A.C. units out (not Kasey's yet) and put them into the house. Also re-attached the hose and cleaned up the grill. And got to use the grill for the first time this year. I have grown pretty fond of the grill - and from what I hear, am not too bad at it.

That was basically the weekend. Always seems to be something going on, and I may end up more tired after the weekend, than I am going into it. Kasey was pretty good most of the weekend, but decided he didn't need to take a nap on either day, so by 6-6:30 he started to become a monster each night. Hopefully that doesn't become a habit.

Oh well - four days of work for me this week, then a 3-day weekend.

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