Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Double Monitors

I am a pretty big technology buff - although I don't get too crazy into things. I just love how far we as a society have come in such a short time. Now I wasn't around when we just had black-and-white televisions, or hell just radios, but I was around when there was no internet, no iPod, no CD's/DVD's, no digital cable, etc.

It's hard to imagine a life without these things nowadays. I can't really imagine myself growing up in the 50's knowing what is going to be available in the future. We complain so much today about doing things (and believe me, I may be one of the worst), but imagine doing them in the 50's or even the 70's - things would have taken forever: like book reports, laundry, the dishes, etc.

I am glad I am living in the technological boom age. Although my paycheck does not allow me to partake in a lot of the things that interest me, I have been able to sample a few things here and there. I am now the proud owner of the Wii, and it's amazing - I just wish there was more time to play it. I have had an iPod for about five years now, and recently purchased the iPod Shuffle for working out - I can't even imagine grabbing a Discman anymore.

The whole point of this story is to let you know my amazement of my new double-monitor computer. Since coming to work at my new job, a lot of my estimating jobs get taken off via-computer. However, the way my office is setup - I have not been able to view my computer monitor while working on drawings, which is pretty much a necessity. So, we recently purchased a double-monitor card and a second monitor for my office, and my friend Mark installed it for me on Monday.

Technically I am still not all the way setup yet - as a shelf will have to be built near my drawing table for the new monitor to be placed, but already I can tell how much easier my work-life is going to be. It's amazing. Just another technological breakthrough making people's lives easier.

I know we have given up a lot of things in our lives that children, young adults of yesteryear have truly cherished - but I feel the good definitely outweigh the bad when it comes to technology. Heck even my father owns an iPod, an HD television w/surround sound, and he even played a Wii game with us a few weeks ago - and hell didn't freeze over ---- yet.

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