Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Walk Before You Can Run

Well, it has started.

I have slowly started to try to get myself back into shape. Last night after dinner at Erika's parents, I headed into their basement and ran a mile on their treadmill. The funny thing was, I probably could have run longer, but the shoes I was wearing were not ideal for running in, surprisingly. So, I was forced to call it quits before I really needed it - but I felt pretty good afterwards, and had a nice sweat going.

My main hurdle in finding my way back to a normal weight and basketball playing shape is, and probably always will be, time. Most of my day is pretty much planned, thanks to work, the commute to and from work, dinner, time with Kasey and Erika, and sleeping. Taking away any of that (although I wouldn't mind losing the work part) is not going to happen - so I need to try and find a way to at least get out for 30 minutes, and allow Erika to do the same.

As of this moment, if it started tonight, I would probably have to withdraw my name from playing summer basketball this year. I am in nowhere near the shape I need to be in to compete with 18 year olds. Do I enjoy it? Absolutely. But, when you were once the best player on your team, to players thinking twice about passing you the ball, it loses that certain appeal.

My goal is to be in playing shape by the time the summer basketball season rolls around - so that give me about a month and a half, which I believe is feasible. There are also two vacations on the horizon for the Kane family, both of which will be in warm climates (THANK GOD), so the goal after getting in shape is to lose the belly, and get as toned as I can. I know it's under there somewhere - I just have to find it.

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