Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Random Netflix Movie #2: I'm Reed Fish

I ventured into Netflix again today, and watched another random movie, so here is my second entry in the Random Netflix Movie journal.

I'm Reed Fish is a movie with a lot of recognizable names in its cast. The main character Reed Fish is played by Jay Baruchel (Knocked Up). Kate is played by Alexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls), Schuyler Fish (Orange County) plays Jill, Katey Sagal (Married With Children) is Maureen, and for the second Random Netflix Movie in a row, D.J. Qualls (The Core) plays Andrew.

I know what you're thinking, I have some fetish about D.J. Qualls, but honest to God I had no idea he was in this movie, nor the one I watched before. Just proved to be coincidence.

OK, on to the movie. Well, I'm Reed Fish is a pretty odd tale. There is a pretty random twist which you find out right away, that the story being told is, in fact, a story. Reed Fish made a movie about his life, and is showing it to the town in which it took place. So this is a movie within a movie (do ya understand?).

Anyway, Reed is from a very small town and is the local radio personality, along with Mayor Maureen (Sagal). Reed's father was the voice of the town before Reed took over. His parents were both killed in a car crash, along with his fiance's mother. Reed's fiance in the movie is Kate (Bledel).

This is sort of a Sweet Home Alabama-type movie, but played in the opposing viewpoint. Instead of seeing the person coming back from the 'big' city, you see the person who never left be infatuated with the girl who did. Jill (Fisk) is a girl that graduated high school with Reed, but moved away to go to college. When she returns, things sort of get thrown for a loop, as Reed starts to realize that his life has sort of been planned out for him due to his father's death.

In a drunken moment, one night, Reed plants a kiss on Jill, who returns the favor. It is sort of to be expected, Reed had never seemed like he wanted to get married to Kate anyway, but was just going through the motions. Well, after telling Kate, she ended the wedding - and due to the small town they lived in - Reed became hated by everyone.

But, who would Reed end up with in the end? The girl he had been friends with all of his life (Kate), but accidentally ended up hurting. Or the girl who woke him up from the already-picked-out life he had been leading?

That's up to you to find out, if you wish to check out the movie. The whole movie-within-a-movie thing kind of confuses you a bit, because you associate Bledel as Kate and Fisk as Jill. But, they are only actors in Fish's movie. Kate ends up being Valerie Azlynn in the end of the movie, and the 'real' Jill is played by Shiri Appleby - confusing? Yes, but it all sort of makes sense - I promise.

This movie was not as good as Lone Star State of Mind nor was it nearly as funny. Baruchal, I feel, is not really a leading man, but more a secondary character. Bledel was pretty good as usual, and Fisk really surprised me - I was not a fan of hers in Orange County, but she was a lot better in this one. Qualls was again the comic relief in the movie, but they didn't use him as well, nor as much as they should have.

Until next time.

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