Thursday, April 24, 2008

Random Netflix Movie #3: Buying the Cow

I have some good news. D.J. Qualls was not in this viewing of random Netflix movies. The rumor of my love for him can now officially die ----- I hope.

Anyway, on to the task at hand. I was able to jump on Netflix again today to check out yet another Random Netflix Movie. Today's winner was Buying the Cow.

I find it pretty remarkable that so many well known actors can make so many not-so-well known movies. Buying the Cow is just another one of those examples. The movie stars: Jerry O'Connell, Ryan Reynolds, Bill Bellamy, Ron Livingston, Bridgette Wilson and Alyssa Milano.

O'Connell is the main character of the movie, David Collins. Collins has been dating Sarah (Wilson) for five years when one night he gets a phone call from his friend, Tyler (Livingston), that he just met a remarkable woman and he is getting married. Tyler before this was the groups born to be a bachelor for life.

So anyway, this news basically throws his relationship with Sarah into a "shit or get off the pot" moment, as Sarah now wants to get married. She gives David a two month window - where she will be in New York on business - and when she returns he would need to know where he wanted the relationship to go.

The title of the movie comes from the line "Why by the cow, when you can have the milk for free". So, although David is nowhere near ready to get married, he must make the decision to do it or lose Sarah forever.

Reynolds plays Mike Hanson, another of David's college friends, who has a pretty interesting lifestyle as well. He is the guy who can get any woman he wants, and usually does. There is a pretty interesting subplot with him as well - which is pretty hilarious. Also, for those who like Reynolds - you can basically see him naked for most of the film - if you like that sort of thing.

Bellamy and Milano are also characters in the movie, but their roles aren't as significant as the others.

There is a large plot to the story that I am not going to go into in the review, but it is pretty important - and makes the ending, well, kinda creepy.

I still, however, would give this a 3/5 ranking. Not a band watch, and pretty funny at times. I have always been a fan of both O'Connell and Reynolds - and I love Livingston in Office Space.

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