Friday, April 11, 2008

Haircut Adventure

Last night, Kasey and I went to the mall for what would be his fourth haircut. The first time we did this, Kasey was not too happy, and basically screamed the entire time. The second time, however, we let him hold onto one of the combs while he sat on my lap, and things went very smooth, not one single cry. The last time we went, I got there a little late, and Erika didn't know of the calming comb - so he was already in full cry mode.

Last night, Kasey, my parents and I went to the mall around 5ish, and we had dinner. Which was also pretty cool, because Kasey drank out of the straw for the first time - a pretty big accomplishment. Anyway, our appointment was scheduled for 6 p.m., or so I was told. Apparently, the lady who took our appointment down said six, but put us down for 6:30, so we had to venture through the mall until it was our turn.

Kasey, by the time we got into the chair, was already a little fussy and getting tired. He started off ok, but our hairdresser caught a snag in Kasey's hair and things went downhill from there. But, we managed to get through it unscathed. He went off with grandma while I got my haircut.

I was hoping he would have gotten used to getting his haircut by now, but he is still a little apprehensive. Hopefully next time he won't have any snags in his hair.

That was basically my night last night. We got home around 7:20 and Kasey got to stay up a little later so he and Erika could spend some time together. We watched Destination Truth, Survivor and My Name Is Earl - then I caught Scrubs before heading to bed.

Have a good weekend - see ya on Monday.

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