Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Return of Baseball

I have stated in many of my previous posts that I have never really been a fan of baseball. My father was an excellent baseball player in his past and was even a player in the minor leagues. I was a decent player growing up, but it was never a passion of mine like basketball became.

The 2008 baseball season began a few days ago. To me it seems that the 2007 season just ended. Baseball, in general, is just too long of a sport. The season begins when the snow is barely off of the ground, and in some cases still is on the ground, and it ends in November. And it's not just the season that is long, but the games as well. For a nine inning game, you're going to average at least three hours. I can't sit and stare at the television that long for a game that moves so slowly.

Baseball is not a game that is built for watching on television. The idea of a game is to head to the ball parks. One of the best things about living in Pittsburgh was being able to go down to PNC Park and catch the Pirates play. The games were never sold out, so you could decide on a whim to head to the ball game. The ambiance is what baseball is truly about. It's hanging out with your friends, family or significant other, grabbing a soda, hot dog, nachos and cotton candy, and sitting in the stands hoping to catch a foul ball.

Despite not being a huge fan of the game, I am a sports enthusiast, so I must make my picks: National League playoff teams: Atlanta Braves, Chicago Cubs, San Diego Padres, N.Y. Mets (wild card). American League playoff teams: Boston Red Sox, Detroit Tigers, Anaheim Angels, Cleveland Indians (wild card).

I don't know much about baseball, but my picks are now in stone. Check back to see if I am right (8 months from now!).

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