Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring Weather?

Well the weekend started off a bit abnormal for what is supposed to be spring here in Plattsburgh. We were greeted with a nice 60 degree day on Thursday, to being pelted with snow (and I mean pelted) on Friday. Where the hell did that come from?

Anyway, after work on Friday I went to a retirement party for a lady that works with Erika. It was an alright occasion, other than the fact that I knew absolutely nobody there. The food was ok, and the presentation was pretty thoughtful, even though I didn't have any clue who this lady was.

Saturday brought a nicer day, but still not spring weather. I met my family at my sister's apartment early in the morning to help move her and her fiance to their new home. Erika took Kasey to the car show at the Crete, which he apparently loved - although more for the balloons than the actual cars.

The move took a lot longer than expected as things were not quite ready for us to move in. I was planning on being completed by noon, but by two they still had things that needed to be moved in. They did manage to get everything there though; they are still unpacking and such, but they are in.

Saturday night I again played a fair amount of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, as I am still working on completing a lot of the challenges they have set up for us - and believe me it's going to take awhile. Saturday, however, I was able to accomplish a few things in the home-run hitting contest. The best coming, almost near the end, when I was able to pelt the over 1,500 feet hit (something I didn't think I would be able to do). Erika was happy, as I did it with her favorite character: Olimar (right).

On Sunday it appeared that someone remembered that it is supposed to be spring, even in the North Country. We were blessed with a beautiful, warm day outside - and although we weren't able to enjoy it outside, it was still very welcome. We cleaned a lot during the day and had my parents over for dinner, and to talk about the upcoming vacations. Shannon and Cyle also joined us a little later - and my dad played his first game on Wii. I thought the world was going to end, as I think his last venture into the game world was on Pong. But, we played bowling and golf, and I actually think he enjoyed himself.

Well, that is my weekend update - the blogs for the rest of the week should be more entertaining (hopefully). Today we are again blessed with a gorgeous day - something that I am hoping becomes a pattern.

Until next time.

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