Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday's With Movies: 5/29/12

Man on a Ledge: I have seen the trailers a dozen times, but nothing in them screamed that I had to see this movie. After reading more about it, I may need to check it out. I am a sucker for heist films and this one looks like it may be different than all the rest out there. So, probably will check it out.

Coriolanus: I really have no idea what this movie is about, even after reading some things about it. This is one I have not seen anything about leading up to its release on DVD. Apparently based on one of Shakespeare's lesser-known plays. As of right now, not looking to see it.

Gone: This stars Amanda Seyfried, who I guess is the hot new it girl, and is about a kidnapping and her trying to track down who kidnapped her sister. Might be interesting enough for me to at least give it a chance.

Goon: So, this is a hockey movie - which is a sport I am not really that into. Plus, it appears to be about the one part of hockey that I truly can't stand - the fighting. But, I am still really looking forward to seeing it. Looks like it may be funny and is about an underdog trying to succeed. Definitely in.

We Need to Talk About Kevin: About a mother and son - a son who at a young age showed signs of being a  little different and as he grew, showed even more signs of aggression. The mother can see these problems and grows to despise her son, while the father plays it off. This all culminates in a large 'incident'. Nope, not interested in checking this out - but apparently I am not alone as it made less than $2 million dollars in North America.

Memorial Day: With the holiday weekend fast approaching, why not put a film out that shares in its name? James Cromwell stars in the film as a war veteran who is very tight lipped about his time in the service. His grandson finds a box with his grandfather's things from the war inside - and his grandfather says he can select three items and he will tell them all about it. Probably won't check it out - but after reading about it, I like it more than when I first discovered the name of the film.

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