Tuesday, May 8, 2012

21/50x2: 127 Hours

I guess I should rethink my original thought that I would not like a movie where one character is the one and only focal point throughout. Granted the amount of those films I have seen is sparse, but out of those films I have seen I have enjoyed each of them.

The first, of course, being Cast Away and my love for Tom Hanks could have easily allowed me to overlook that he was the only one on the screen for a good portion of the film. But, after watching Buried it is possible that I may actually enjoy this type of films.

Finally, I watched 127 Hours and although I think James Franco is a fine actor and certainly growing with each role, I never thought that a film consisting mainly of him would hold my interest. But, it did and again I was proven wrong.

Franco stars as Aron Ralston. who is really an outdoorsman and loves hitting the mountains and canyons just for a hike. On this day, Ralston is heading to Utah's Canyonlands National Park. While hiking, he comes across two young ladies, Kristi (Kate Mara) and Megan (Amber Tamblyn) who appear to be lost. Ralston presents himself as an expert and the two follow him and manage to find a small little oasis underneath the rocks where they all go swimming.

About to say their goodbyes, Kristi and Megan invite Ralston to a party they are having the next night. Of course, they don't expect him to attend.

They part ways and Ralston heads back to the hike and heads to Blue John Canyon. While trying to get through a narrow passage a boulder comes loose and Ralston falls into the canyon. To make matters worse, the boulder falls right behind him and it appears he will be crushed by it. But, the boulder becomes wedged between the two walls and Ralston is spared - except for the fact that his arm is now pinned between the wall and the boulder.

Unable to free himself, Ralston is now trapped inside this canyon where absolutely no one knows where he is except the two girls he met on his hike - who never expect to see him again.

The rest of the film shows Ralston trying to keep himself alive using only the items he has in his backpack for his hike. It also shows how the mind works when you are alone, dehydrated and scared for your life.

Again, I was surprised by my enjoyment of this film and how well Franco was able to hold my interest alone for such a long period of time. Granted the movie itself is only about 97 minutes long, but we are alone with him for most of it - and we remain interested and concerned for his well being.

This was based off a true story, so going in I knew the outcome - yet still I was interested in seeing how things were pulled off. And, even despite me knowing the outcome, they still pranked me during one scene - I admit I was confused, but I understood once the movie rolled one.


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