Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday's With Movies: 5/15/12

One For the Money: Katherine Heigl has to be in a good movie sooner or later, right? I doubt this will be it considering I don't recall hearing much about it, and if she stood out in a film I think I would hear about it. But, she keeps getting chances, so perhaps one day she will succeed. Still, she probably should have stayed on television - she really had a good thing going there. I am sure I will at least check this out, some time.

The Grey: Liam Neeson has really become a go-to-guy for action roles of late. And, he seems to choose a lot of great films. I am really interested in checking this one out. I loved The A-Team and Taken was a great ride. Looking forward to this one.

Chronicle: I really had no interest in checking this one out. Looked like another found footage type film and honestly it looked pretty juvenile. But, I watched some of the later trailers interesting enough and I heard some great reviews - and now I am actually looking forward to checking it out.

Rampart: Lately I have really taking a liking to Woody Harrelson again, and I am glad he has been doing so many decent films. This one looks interesting and the part looks like it was perfect for Harrelson. That alone got me interested in seeing it, but we also get the Foster brothers. Ben and his younger brother Jon are both in this film - so now even more interested.


  1. One for the money is based on a really popular book series (that I eagerly await each year). However, given that it's release date was pushed from August to January, I'm guessing the movie doesn't live up to the source. But I'll definitely see it to be sure.

  2. Chronicle is awesome. I've rented The Grey, so I'll be checking that out. Woody and the Foster brothers in a movie together? (I didn't even know Ben had a brother!) Gotta see that one...

  3. Well, I would have had no idea that One for the Money was a book. And, yeah I am not expecting too much from it.

    Sort of looking forward to Chronicle now, and definitely the Grey. I also had no idea that Ben had a brother, but when checking out the cast saw another Foster, and sure enough.

  4. Chronicle was excellent. Took me totally by suprise. I was really excited about Rampart but didn't like it in the end. Harrelson and Ben Foster were excellent though. I thought the Grey was quite good too, a bit silly, but fine.