Thursday, May 31, 2012

32/50x2: All the President's Men

This is yet another one of the films I selected that is based on true events. Over the years I have sort of learned more and more about this scandal, so a lot of what I watched I already knew.

All the President's Men focuses on Bob Woodward (Robert Redford) and Carl Bernstein (Dustin Hoffman), journalists from the Washington Post. Woodward finds out about a story involving the Watergate complex where five men had broken in and were attempting to bug the place.

With little information, Woodward begins to do a little digging and the Post teams him up with Bernstein, who at the time wasn't as well known as Woodward. The two clashed as partners, but worked extremely well together.

They, of course, were investigating and reporting on the Watergate Scandal, that eventually the two reporters - with the help of inside man known only at the time as Deep Throat - were able to connect some very high up people in politics, including the President of the United State, Richard Nixon.

The film was definitely interesting. It gave us the inside story of Woodward and Bernstein and the way that they took such a small lead and were able to dig and find information to take down the most powerful man in the country.

It was a bit extra interesting for me being a person who works at a newspaper. Now, granted, I work in the sports department so I have to do very little of this kind of journalism, but ethics do come into question on occasion. It's nice to see the struggle of the journalists and the editors as they had to decide what they could and couldn't report based on the information, and even the type of information that they had received. A nice, inside look at that.

Truly loved both Hoffman and Redford's work in this film. Being someone who really doesn't look at a ton of old movies, I can see the real appeal of those two actors even more now.


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