Wednesday, May 9, 2012

22/50x2: Go

I really enjoy films (and even television shows) that show different points of view or different stories that all come together in the end in some way, shape or form.

Of course, it helps when the story is interesting and the conclusion comes together well.

Go worked in all of those ways. The film follows three different storylines, the one of Ronna (Sarah Polley), the one of Simon (Desmond Askew) and the one of Adam (Scott Wolf) and Zack (Jay Mohr).

It all starts with the fact that Ronna is about to get evicted from her apartment and so close to Christmas Eve. Ronna, Simon and Claire (Katie Holmes) all work in a local grocery store. When Simon hears of Ronna's need for extra cash, he offers up one of his shifts at the store. Of course, he has selfish motives at hand as well, as he wants to head to Vegas with his friends.

While working in the store a couple of guys, Adam and Zack, ask where Simon is. Simon is a drug dealer on the side and they are looking to score some ecstasy. Looking for some easy money, Ronna offers to help them out and agrees to meet them later with the drugs.

What Ronna doesn't know, though, is that Adam and Zack are actually a couple of soap opera actors who were busted for possession and are now helping Burke (William Fichtner) track down Simon.

Ronna, Claire and Mannie (Nathan Bexton) travel to Simon's drug supplier's house, Todd (Timothy Olyphant) to try and get him to allow her to sell this one time. She doesn't, however, have enough money o purchase the amount of drugs they want, and as collateral leaves Claire behind until she can make the deal.

This is pretty much the main storyline and the other two weave their way back into this one. So, I will leave it at that.

Let's just say that things sort of go wrong completely for each person who is the lead in each storyline. But, it is definitely interesting, and pretty fun, to see how things come together in the end and how things end.

I actually found it quite interesting that in a movie with so many actors that we have come to know, two lesser knowns actually have the lead roles. I can't for the life of me recall another Sarah Polley or Desmond Askew film. I didn't even mention that actors Taye Diggs and Breckin Meyer are heavily featured in Simon's story, and a much younger Melissa McCarthy and Jane Krakowski were featured Zack and Adam's story.

As I said, it was an interesting film and a great way to tell the story with three separate stories. I very compelled to see where everything was going, and it didn't disappoint.



  1. I can name two Sarah Polley movies off the top of my head (Dawn of the Dead remake and Splice). And I know she's been in quite a bit more. But you're right. She was certainly a no-name at the time.

  2. Really, though, none of them were huge names at the time. Most had had some success (Holmes, Meyer, Diggs, Wolf, etc.) but none were A-listers or anything.

    Anyway, glad you dug it - I love this movie so much. The non-linear structure might feel a bit like a Pulp Fiction rip-off, but the story is so different and has such great style (and a kick-ass soundtrack) and a different vibe that I don't care at all. And it's got William Fichtner in what might be his best role ever.

  3. I dunno, Dylan. He was pretty freakin' awesome in Drive Angry. :P