Monday, May 21, 2012

Community: Season Three

Let me first start out by saying that I am so incredibly happy/excited that Community was picked up for a fourth, albeit just 13 episodes, season.

Though it was banished to the Friday night schedule part of me has hope that the large amount of fans, much like Fringe that was also sent to Friday and has stayed there for a handful of seasons, will follow it there (and maybe even pickup a few more now that it's out of Big Bang Theory's shadow) and not only force NBC to give it a few more seasons, but also pickup the back nine episodes for season four. One can only hope.

Plus, there is the added Chevy Chase/Dan Harmon feud that, in my opinion, made NBC let Harmon go as showrunner. The new showrunners are supposed to make it more appealing to a wider audience - which I hope doesn't mean the show I love will cease to exist the way it truly should. I think Chase has done a great job on Community but out of the cast, he may be the lone member that could be let go and the show would still remain the same as it always was. I guess we shall see how things look in the fall.

Now, season three. We had to wait until March to finally get more Community and I definitely wore out my Hulu Plus watching the previous seasons during that lost time.

I actually feel like the show got off to a rocky start. Sure, it was still funny and better than most shows on television, but it was lacking from what I come to expect from Community. I was excited for the guest stars, John Goodman and Michael K. Williams. But, even those came in with a whimper and didn't truly take off until the final part of the season.

And, the final part of the season was epic just like the first two seasons.

One of the great things about Community is that it can do these 'themed' shows that are so amazing, yet still use them in the course of the overall show.

"Basic Lupine Urology" was an episode that revolved entirely around Law and Order. The study groups yam is killed and because Annie can't see herself getting a grade lower than an A she gets the others to find out how the yam was killed. In this episode we finally get that great Michael K. Williams guestspot.

The final three episodes of the season that all aired over an hour and a half on the same night were possibly the greatest of the season.

The first was another great 'theme' episode entitled "Digital Estate Planning" and almost the entire episode takes place in an 8-bit video game. Breaking Bad's badguy Giancarlo Esposito steps in as Pierce's dad's assistant who will hand over the Hawthorne Wipes fortune to Pierce, if he is the first to defeat the video game.

In the final two episodes we get resolution on Chang taking over the school and the Greendale Seven being expelled. We also receive a visit from alternate timeline Evil Abed.

The final of the three episodes almost wraps up the season as if this would be the final show of the series. And it sort of touches you that way as well. But, now that the show has finally gotten the pickup it deserved, perhaps the flashes that we see at the conclusion of this episode will be intertwined in the story lines of season four.


PS- I have to admit that I am definitely Team Annie (if I were a teenage girl and actually used terms like that), but I definitely had the gaga eyes for Britta when she was dressed in goth. I don't know why, but it worked.

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