Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday's With Movies: 8/9/11

Your Highness: There is something about Danny McBride that I cannot stand in large doses. I enjoyed him in movies where he had bit parts, but these starring roles I have a difficult time getting through. Which is why this movie may drive me crazy - paired with Natalie Portman and James Franco I have to watch this. We'll see if I can get past him.

Paul: Much like McBride, but to a lesser degree, Seth Rogen has been amazing in small doses - even though I loved him in Knocked Up. Lately, however, it seems to be overkill. So, maybe it will be easier to take with him as the star of the film, when he is actually just the voice. This looks pretty funny - so I will be checking it out.

Super: Looks like this may be a bit like Kick-Ass which can't be a bad thing. Though this time around the 'hero' of the story is a guy out for revenge, instead of a guy just wanting to be a superhero. Looks pretty interesting and has a handful of good actors for a movie that wasn't really publicized much.

Mars Needs Moms: There was nothing about this film that really jumped out at me when I first saw the trailers. Of course, with a 4-year old I will eventually check it out and form a real opinion about it. But, usually animated features that I enjoy will suck me in with their trailers, so we shall see.

Jumping the Broom: There must really be an audience for these movies. I was half-expecting to see Tyler Perry's name attached to this (doesn't he hold a patent on these type of films?) but he is not. Mrs. Kano apparently wants to see this one, so there is a chance I may see it - but under normal circumstances this would be a pass.

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  1. Racist!


    I'll be checking out Your Highness despite its terrible reviews. Paul was pretty funny, and Seth Rogen is tolerable in it (and I have an adoration for anything Simon Pegg/Nick Frost). I've heard if you're going into Super with the understanding that it's a very dark and violent movie, you'll probably like it. Mars Needs Moms? No.