Monday, August 29, 2011

Guys of TV: Salling vs. Hall

After Saturday's amazing turnout, I guess I got my hopes up for Sunday as well. But, we hit another lull in voters.

With just five votes, Sendhil Ramamurthy inches past Andrew Lincoln for the victory. Hopefully, you all return today. Just two more days of the first round. Second round gets under way on Wednesday.


(4) Mark Salling

Salling has really only been on why he lands on this list, FOX's Glee. He stars as Noah 'Puck" Puckerman.

(5) Michael C. Hall

Hall is relatively new to the acting world, but he already has two hits series under his belt. Not too shabby. He first starred in HBO's Six Feet Under as David Fisher before transitioning into his new and current role on Showtime's Dexter as Dexter Morgan.


  1. Can't believe "Covert Affairs" won over "The Walking Dead." Lame!

    This one is actually a toughie for me. If I go with looks, probably Salling. If I went with show, Hall. I'll have to come back to this one later...

  2. Could be because of the lower voter turnout on Sunday. Or, people like looking at Sendhil more.

    And Covert Affairs is a decent show.

  3. Possibly. I've never seen Covert Affairs. But still, it's an almost un-talked-about show, while The Walking Dead was massive.

  4. Since it is called the hottest guys of TV, I vote based on who's hottest. I could care less if the guy is an extra or a main star. Hot is hot. I'd hope that's how everyone is voting. If we wanted to do a bracket of best actors, then you could vote on all the uglies you want. :)

  5. But it's NOT "Hottest" Guys of TV. It's just Guys of TV. It's a mix of looks and show character. I don't believe "Hottest" has ever been in or around the title.

  6. Technically, they get around the same amount of viewers. Covert Affairs had 6.69 million during its first season, while Walking Dead had around 6 million during its first season.

    Plus, if they go off of everything, Heroes was way bigger than either.