Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday's With Movies: 8/2/11

Rio: I have already seen this film, one of the few that I got to see in the theater. So, I don't need to run out and see it again. However, I felt it was a pretty decent film - and great for the kids. Amazing colors, and some pretty funny scenes. Check it out - especially if you have kids.

Soul Surfer: A true story, so I can't really bash it. But, you already know the story that is going to be told even before seeing - even without knowing the real story. But, it looks intriguing enough that eventually I will check it out.

The Perfect Game: I am usually a sucker for sports films, but when I first saw the preview for this one it didn't really jump out at me. And when I saw that it was coming out, I had to look it up again to remember what it was about. Not sure when or if I will check this out.

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