Monday, August 15, 2011

Guys of TV: Skarsgard vs. Parrish

Well, I felt the only way to be fair after the Girls of TV bracket was to create a Guys of TV bracket. I felt that the first one went off pretty well, and enough people said they would like to have this one as well.

This time, we are going a straight 32 bracket, no play-in rounds. Thanks to all of those who helped with nominations, and to Nick for the help in ranking them.

So, here we go: Round 1. Enjoy!

(1) Alexander Skarsgard

Skarsgard starred in a lot of films and television series in his home country of Sweden before landing a role on Generation Kill and breaking into America. He is now one of the handsome vampires on HBO's True Blood, starring as Eric Northman.

(8) Hunter Parrish

Parrish has been in a handful of movies including RV, 17 Again and It's Complicated. It's his turn as Mary-Louise Parker's son, Silas Botwin, on Showtime's Weeds that lands him on this list.


  1. Oh, Eric. The only reason to continue with TB these days.

  2. Indeed, Rachel. Eric Northman to at least the semi-finals!

    And glad I could be of assistance ranking these guys :)

  3. And I'm actually kinda shocked that this first pairing is even remotely close in votes.

  4. Those two pics of the Hunter guy look like different people. He appears to be a teenager in the first and a grown man in the second.

    Anyway, I voted for Hunky McVampirehead.