Sunday, August 21, 2011

Guys of TV: Moyer vs. Chatwin

Sorry! I forgot to announce yesterday's winner for this posted.

Anyway, not a lot of votes yesterday, but Sean Bean knocked off Chris Gorham to move into the second round.

I seem to lose a lot of voters on the weekend - don't forget to keep voting all seven days of the week.


(2) Stephen Moyer

Looking through Moyer's imdb page I can honestly say that I had not seen a single thing he was part of in the past. Not until he became the main vampire, Bill Compton, in HBO's True Blood.

(7) Justin Chatwin

Chatwin has starred in a few things in his past, including Tom Cruise's son, Robbie, in War of the Worlds. He is currently starring on Showtime's Shameless as Steve.