Monday, August 22, 2011

Guys of TV: Dempsey vs. Bomer

Might as well make it three True Blooders in the second round.

Stephen Moyer makes three as he narrowly edges Justin Chatwin.

I seem to lose voters on the weekends. I hope it jumps back up today. Because the voting continues.


(2) Patrick Dempsey

Most of us know Dempsey as the young star in Can't Buy Me Love and Loverboy. But the youngin's out there only really got to know Dempsey as he took on the role of Dr. Derek Shepherd on ABC's Grey's Anatomy.

(7) Matthew Bomer

Bomer got his start on the soap opera Guiding Light. Since then he has been on a few television series including Traveler and Chuck. He has since made a name for himself on USA's White Collar as Neal Caffrey.


  1. Saturdays are the worst days for traffic on the internets, hence your losing of voters. Sundays are generally better, but still not as good as a weekday.

  2. Yeah - stinks for the votes. But, no way I am not doing weekends - I will be posting until November.