Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Guys of TV: Hamm vs. Jaeger

So far the No. 1 seeds seem to be doing fine. Alexander Skarsgard needed every single vote, however, to sneak past Hunter Parrish on day one.

Nathan Fillion, meanwhile, was able to blow past former teen heart-throb Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

I am liking the amount of voters so far, but would love more. Spread the word. Enjoy!

(1) Jon Hamm

Hamm has been branching out a bit as of late with movies like The A-Team, Sucker Punch and The Town. He also starred in a bunch of failed sitcoms before finally finding his groove on AMC's Mad Men as Don Draper.

(8) Sam Jaeger

Jaeger has been around for awhile, but has been more of a background character or secondary character. He finally received a starring role as part of the ensemble cast on NBC's Parenthood as Joel Graham.

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