Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday's With Movies: 8/16/11

Jane Eyre: Read the book when I was in high school, but I really have no interest in seeing this despite the girl who played Alice (who I liked) being in it.

Something Borrowed: Apparently got a ton of negative reviews, but I never go off of what reviews say. I enjoy John Krasinski, so I will most likely check this one out.

The Conspirator: I heard nothing about this film upon its release, and technically I am still not 100 percent sure the entire premise of the film - but it stars James McAvoy - and it must have intrigued me at some point because I tossed it in my Netflix queue - so I will be checking it out.

Priest: It is truly a shame that Paul Bettany continues to play these sort of roles. Ever since his turn in The Da Vinci Code he seems to be playing these religious bad asses. I have enjoyed Bettany in the past - and would like to again. So please stop making these films.

Hoodwinked Too: Got the first one through Netflix one time, but never got around to watching it before shipping it back. Unless my son sees a preview for this one, I doubt I will be seeing it anytime soon.

The Ward: Amber Heard, but nothing else appealing to me. Skipped.

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