Monday, December 8, 2008


I have taken a small hiatus from my 25 Days of Christmas due to the fact that I am on the final push for my first semester back to school. I will be wrapping everything up tomorrow with two finals - so I should be back on it after that. Plus, I will make up for the films I have missed during the past few days during the weekends - so I will definitely have at least 25 films when I am completed.

That being said, I received Wanted in my Netflix mail box this week and I have been wanting to check it out since I saw the previews last spring.

I am not the biggest Angelina Jolie fan. She is hot and cold for me with her acting, and I am also not one of those people who thinks she is the most gorgeous woman in the world. That being said, I thought this role was perfect for her - but I am ahead of myself.

The film stars James McAvoy as Wesley Gibson, a drone who works in an office (much like Office Space) and takes medication to control his weird impulses. His boss is a bitch, his best friend is banging his girlfriend - yeah his life pretty much sucks.

Anyway, along comes Fox (Jolie) to recruit Gibson to a secret assassin group to hunt down the man who has killed his father (another assassin).

The first half of the film is basically Gibson getting trained to be the perfect assassin - learning how to take a punch, fight with knives, and even bend a bullet. Then he is finally sent out to start killing people.

The secret group is headed by Sloan (Morgan Freeman) who receives his targets from a loom through binary code. Very odd, but also very interesting.

I don't want to give anything away, but this movie was very action packed and the plot actually made sense - even though a few things were tossed in that you have to scratch your head about actually happening.

The final few scenes were amazingly well done and I was on the edge of my seat there was so much action.

I was surprised with McAvoy as I have only really seen him in Chronicles of Narnia and heard he was in Atonement. But he proved here that he has the range to play an action star - and even had a few one liners as well.



  1. Ugh - can't join you here. I thought this was a craptacular mess.

  2. I disagree with Fletch on this one and I'm with you, Kane. I thought the movie was great fun.