Monday, December 15, 2008

25 Days: A Muppet Family Christmas

For our second Muppet Christmas film, we tossed in A Muppet Family Christmas.

This originally aired in 1987 and, unfortunately the DVD film was cut up due to licensing issues. Some of the songs were forced to be removed, and although it would have been nice to have it in its original form - the cut up version is still awfully enjoyable.

This movie is about getting together for Christmas. Ma Bear (Fozzie's mother) is about to head to Hawaii for Christmas and has rented her house out to Doc and his dog (from Fraggle Rock). Little does she know that her son and his friends are on their way to surprise her for the holidays.

Once they arrive, things of course get out of control. Doc and his dog, who were looking forward to a nice quite holiday, aren't too thrilled when everyone arrives - while Ma is forced to cancel her trip.

Soon, the Sesame Street gang is heard singing carols outside - and they join in on the festivities.

The whole film revolves around everyone being together for the holidays, as a snowstorm hits and Miss Piggy is not at the house yet. But, Doc sets out to find her so everyone can be reunited.

This is one of the only places where you can find the Muppet crew, the Sesame Street characters, Fraggle Rock characters and even a puppet version of Muppet Babies.

It's also pretty funny to see a little red monster with the Sesame Street gang, who at this point didn't even have a name, but would later be known as Elmo.

Jim Henson has a small cameo at the end of the film, as he and Doc's dog do the dishes from the Christmas meal.

This is a pretty short film, but one that has been a staple in our household for years. The mixing of all four different television shows is pretty amusing to see - as you see Animal and Cookie Monster interact, as well as Bert, Ernie and Doc.



  1. How on earth can you NOT remember that Doc's dog's name is Sprocket. Geez... :)

  2. I remembered after the fact. My bad.