Thursday, December 18, 2008

25 Days: Home Alone

This movie was basically the creation, and probably the destruction, of Macaulay Culkin.

Home Alone is a holiday classic thanks to great performances by both Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern - and on a little lesser extent, Culkin himself.

The McCallister family is heading out on vacation to Paris, France. Basically the entire clan is staying the night at Peter McCallister's (John Heard) house and heading out early in the morning for their flight.

Kevin McCallister (Culkin), however, has grown tired of his family, mostly his brother Buzz who won't seem to stop picking on him.

After causing a whole lot of commotion, Kevin is sent upstairs to the attic for the night by his mother, Kate (Catherine O'Hara).

During the night, a fallen tree branch knocks out the power and phone lines, and the McCallister's oversleep causing everyone to rush to the airport. While counting heads, a neighbor is counted by accident - and Kevin is forgotten at home, thus starting all the mayhem that follows.

As Kate realizes that she left Kevin at home, she begins her journey back home from Paris to be with him.

Kevin, meanwhile, believes he made his family disappear by a wish he made. Like most kids, he runs amuck the first few days he is home alone.

That is until Marv (Pesci) and Harry (Stern) begin their little crime wave in the neighborhood. And it is up to Kevin to protect his home from the 'Wet Bandits'.

I felt that Marv and Harry really make this movie special. Pesci takes a different brand of film than he is used to, and pulls it off. Stern is one of the funniest people in Hollywood - and I feel is very underused. The two together are a great team.

Culkin, meanwhile, exploded after this film. He did a fine job acting wise, but he was nowhere near the capabilities of child stars nowadays.

This film is funny, crafty and heart warming as well. A perfect holiday film.


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  1. I'm pissed that HBO doesn't have this on their December schedule. I enjoy watching it whenever it comes on. I'm just a sucker for it, I guess...