Thursday, December 18, 2008

25 Days: Bad Santa

Talk about a complete opposite of the family Christmas movie.

Bad Santa stars Billy Bob Thornton as Willie, a drunk mall Santa who, along with his helpful elf Marcus (Tony Cox), have devised a plan to rob shopping malls on Christmas Eve.

We start off by seeing Willie and Marcus rob what is apparently their sixth shopping mall in six years. After the heist, Willie apparently wants out to live in Florida, stop drinking and open a bar.

Fast-forward nearly a year, and Marcus is calling Willie again to meet in Arizona for mall number seven. Of course, Willie has not stopped drinking - in fact he may be worse - and has already pissed away all the money from last year's job.

So, Willie heads out to Arizona.

Billy Bob's Santa is disgusting, and really has me thinking about ever letting my children near a shopping mall Santa. He is pretty much drunk the entire time, has a foul mouth, has to smell and even pissed himself while on Santa's chair.

Things sort of go a little haywire as the mall's head of security Gin (Bernie Mac) gets wise to Willie and Marcus' plans and wants in - at a 50% cut.

Also, Willie has sort of taking a small liking to The Kid (Brett Kelly) and a bartender named Sue (Lauren Graham). He has sort of found what has been missing his entire life - a family.

The ending has a lot of twists and turns that I won't ruin for those who haven't seen it. But, it is pretty nice to see how far some of the characters have come by the end of the film.

This was also John Ritter's final film as an actor - he did have a few voice acting jobs after this one though. He played Bob Chipeska one of the heads of the mall, who hires Willie and Marcus

This is definitely not a kids movie, there is sex, drinking, foul language and some disgusting humor. However, for the adults, I found it pretty darn laugh out loud funny at times. Although my wife was not as impressed.


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