Wednesday, December 3, 2008

25 Days: He-Man/She-Ra: A Christmas Special

In my youthful years growing up, He-Man was my absolute favorite cartoon. And, I had many of the toys that go along with that.

Unfortunately, I no longer have the toys, but I was given He-Man/She-Ra: A Christmas Special on DVD last Christmas, so I thought I would take that in as well.

I was a little thrown off because the film itself really didn't have too much to do with Christmas.

He-Man and Man-at-Arms have developed a spaceship that they will be using to spy on their enemy Skeletor. Orko, however, gets into the spaceship and accidentally sets it off - crash landing on Earth.

This is one of the small parts of the film that talks about Christmas, as Orko meets Miguel and Alicia, two kids he saves from an avalanche. They just happened to be out getting a Christmas tree when Orko saved them. And, they explain Christmas to him.

Once Man-at-Arms gets his transporter working, Orko and the kids are transported back to Eternia. Once this happens, Horde Prime feels a disturbance as the children have too much 'Christmas cheer'. So he sends Skeletor and Hordak to capture them.

The rest of the film plays out like an episode of He-Man or She-Ra as they both head out to rescue the children, and defeat their nemesese.

Skeletor, however, if you dig a little can be classified as a bit of the Scrooge character in A Christmas Carol because of his small morph into a good person - including saving the children from Horde Prime.

In the final scene, Prince Adam is dressed as Santa Claus - and they say this is how Christmas was first brought to Eternia.

Not really a Christmas movie. More of an extended He-Man/She-Ra episode with Christmas sprinkled in.

Because of that I had to give it a lower grade - but for a He-Man/She-Ra fan - it is a definite watch.


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  1. Sounds hilariously awful. I was the right age, but never really got into He-Man. Though I do recall a Smurfs Christmas special that I thoroughly enjoyed as a child...