Monday, December 29, 2008

VGR: Sonic Unleashed

Well, Christmas came and went and with it came a very Wii Christmas for this I mean oldster.

I got a good helping of games on my list and decided to start with Sonic Unleashed.

I have been a pretty big fan of Sonic the Hedgehog despite never owning a Sega. My sister, however, did have a Sega Game Gear - and a Sonic game.

Anyway, because of this I was super excited when Sonic was announced for Smash Bros. Brawl - and pretty excited when Sonic Unleashed was announced.

I tossed in the game on Friday and I have been playing it ever since. It is pretty addicting.

This is unlike any Sonic game I have played in the past. Sonic, in this game, turns into a werewolf when the sun goes down - so for at least part, if not most, of the game Sonic is not the speed demon we are used to, but a beast with fighting power.

It is actually a pretty good change of pace - despite the change to Sonic. I mean Sonic is known for his speed, so taking that away was a little hard to grasp.

The game is very entertaining, however, my main complaint is the setup of the screens. It feels a little old school that you have to go to different locations and talk to people - with scrolling words. Plus, the animated movies are a bit long and you have to watch them - there is no skipping.

I guess it's a small thing, because the overall game looks pretty good and so far is really entertaining.

When Sonic is his normal self during the day stages - the speed is unreal. It's so hard to control, but I am getting the hang of it.

So far, Tails and Amy Rose - not to mention Dr. Eggman, are the only former characters I have seen. Except, Sonic is the only player that I have been able to use - so far.


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