Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday's With Movies: 4/9/13

Hyde Park on Hudson: Well, this is an odd thing to create a film about. Franklin D. Roosevelt and his relationship with a distant cousin? Haha, the description of this film says it is in upstate New York - Hyde Park is nowhere near upstate. It's not even near Albany.

Sorcerer and the White Snake: A monk helps protect a young man from a snake demon. Wow, they might be odder than FDR and his cousin.

Bad Kids Go To Hell: Well, I do like this casting. A group of students are in detention - but all of a sudden  one-by-one have horrible accidents. But who is to blame? The casting of Judd Nelson in this (hello Breakfast Club) is pretty genius.

Late Bloomers: An old couple retires. Wow, slim pickings this week.

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