Tuesday, April 16, 2013

50x3: Say Anything (J-2)

Well, I have been very bad in posting these reviews - again. I watched this quite awhile ago and am just now finally getting to it.

Anyway, Say Anything is a movie I had never seen before, but is also sort of a cheat because this movie is pretty much iconic - and even though I had never seen it I did know pretty much the entire plot.

Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack) is an average student with an above-average crush. He has feelings for the valedictorian of his school, and even though he has never spoken to her, decides that he is going to ask her out.

Diane Court (Ione Skye) was selected for a fellowship to study in England. She is a very smart girl, but does not have the greatest experience in social environments. Lloyd gives her a call to attend a party for their graduation - and feeling she should experience it she accepts.

Diane actually really enjoys her time with Lloyd and they begin a relationship. Diane's father, Jim (John Mahoney), is a nursing home owner and is also very overprotective if his daughter.

When he finds out that Diane is dating Lloyd he disapproves because he is such an underachiever and that he may drag his daughter down.

Jim, though, has his own problems as he goes under investigation by the IRS for tax violations at his nursing home. Diane feels she should be with her father, and eventually breaks up with Lloyd - offering him a pen as a consolation present.

As I said, I knew the movie pretty much all the way through - but it was finally nice it.

It's funny that I thought Jeremy Piven's character would have been in the movie much more - his character was absolutely crazy and hilarious. John Cusack pretty much plays the same character in all of his movies - and his sister, Joan, always seems to be his conscience.

Overall, a decent film. Pretty dated, but still glad I watched it.


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