Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday's With Movies: 4/2/13

LUV: A young boy heads out with his uncle and experiences what it is like to be an adult. Stars the rapper Common and Mr. Pedro "Allstate" Cerrano. Don't think this will be on my to watch list.

John Dies at the End: This sounds really interesting - and odd. A drug has the ability to send its users pretty much into space. But, one draw back - sometimes you return as an alien. It's up to two college dropouts to save the day? Told you it was odd. Not sure if I will check it out.

Baytown Outlaws: If a movie poster could draw me in, I would definitely be in. Eva Longorio looks great in it. I honestly had never heard of this film, which also stars Billy Bob Thornton - and looks like it may be somewhat decent to watch. Might be something to check out down the road.

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  1. lol, not quite re: John Dies at the End. I saw it on VOD a couple months ago. It's more that it sends you to another dimension rather than space and even adds a little time travel to the mix. It also tosses in a bit of "talking with the dead" and/or psychic abilities in there. So these friends end up having to try and stop a creature thing something... it's VERY hard to explain. It's a really weird movie, but it's fun. It's horror/comedy, but very, very, very light on horror and more focus on the comedy. (I think Shaun of the Dead/Zombieland have more serious/horror moments than this movie). It's pretty wacky.

    I want to read the book, though. The movie's not perfect, but it's entertaining.