Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Reaction: Survivor: Redemption Island

Another Survivor has come and gone, and another one kept me interested all the way through. Though I think the inclusion of Boston Rob may have had a lot to do with that. It's amazing that we are able to get through some of these Survivor seasons without some of our favorite characters, but we do - although I still think when we have those we know on board right away, the game is just that much better.

So, I figured I would give some of my thoughts on the season - that I can recall.

First, the worst kept secret in the world was the return of Boston Rob and Russell Hantz. Ever since Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains the Rob and Russell head to head game was almost inevitable, and Survivor brass jumped on it as soon as they could.

Second, the ouster of Russell. I have to say looking back on other seasons and being a constant viewer of the series, throwing a challenge never seems to be a good idea. Russell's tribe was immediately intimidated by him and wanted to throw an immunity challenge to get him off. Only a few weeks into the game, and (if my memory doesn't deceive me) at at time when their tribe was in complete control and had not lost a challenge. What were they thinking? Well, they got their wish, but they also lost their mojo and one by one the rest of them were picked off.

Third, I got a little scared when Andrea was the member that came back into the game from Redemption Island. With her return it brought the tribe to three girls and two boys - remember the Parvati led girls' tribe? I was having a flashback. But, Rob still had his trusty immunity idol and smartly used - despite not having to because the ladies stuck with Rob anyway. So, what was thought to be an issue for Rob, actually became the best thing to happen for him.

Fourth, Boston Rob finally winning Survivor after four time playing and almost 10 years of his life. He came very close in Survivor: All-Stars as he came in second place to his now wife, Amber. This time, he had an even bigger target on his back (much like Russell) but managed to maneuver his way through the game in a way only he could and was named the ultimate survivor. I have to think that Rob now has to be crowned the greatest Survivor player ever - better than Parvati, Russell and two-time winner (probably didn't deserve either), Sandra.

Finally, Rob had a great night during the final, but the best part of the night (to me) came from David. I always thought David was a smart player and understood the game, but he got trapped with his alliance - which was ultimately his downfall. You can tell he was smart when Rob and his tribe-mates ousted Matt to Redemption Island for the second time - muttering "Genius". The greatest portion of last night's finale was David's talk to his jury members. This is what has been missing in the last few Survivors as the jury has been burned by the best player and ultimately they were so scorned they were bitter and didn't vote for the person who should have one the game (I am thinking Russell in two instances as well as a few others). But, David flat out told everyone who played the best and who controlled the game and that is why HE deserved to win. It was so refreshing, it was the way the game was supposed to be played when it was invented and for the most part in the beginning the right person won - it has been lately that they haven't been rewarding the person who plays the best game. I hope this continues.

Overall, a pretty decent season - brought higher because of the inclusion of Boston Rob and Russell. It's so much easier getting into a season when you actually know the person.

Congratulations to Boston Rob. He deserved it and probably has for awhile. Now, they are apparently bringing back two others for the next season of Survivor and I am interested in seeing how the new contestants welcome (although it may help the "All-Star" contestants because this season was filming while Redemption Island was being aired). The best way a tribe should act is to use these former contestants to get them as far as they can, then dispose of them when it is possible - NEVER THROW A CHALLENGE.

That is all.

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