Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Who? What? Where? #15

Jess continues to pull away from the pack as she nailed down all three points this week correctly identifying the person to the right as Bill Hader's Bobby from Adventureland.

Congratulations, Jess. The rest of you need to step up your game to keep pace with her.

Good luck this week.

The concept is simple: each week I will place a photograph of a character within a film. It is up to you (the participant in the game) to tell me the following:

1) The name of the actor (or what the actor goes by in his acting profession).

2) The name of the character in the movie.

3) And, the name of the movie.

Each correct answer gets you a point - so if you get all three correct on a given week, you can get three points. I will keep a running chart each and every week. As of now, this will be played for bragging rights only - but we shall see what the future holds.

So here is week #15:

Jess - 15 points
Matt - 11 points
Fletch - 7 points
Mrs. Kano - 5 points
Nick - 4 points


  1. Danny Devito
    One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

  2. So weird to see him with (almost) a full head of hair. Barely recognize the guy.

  3. The main reason I selected him was because I watched One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest yesterday for the very first time and I had no clue that was him until I saw his name in the credits. I was still shocked.

    I see that some people are a little better than me. haha.

  4. Well, it is good to see you are getting around the horn and catching up on some classics. It's pretty amusing seeing older movies where stars we grew up with look quite different than the way we have known them.