Monday, March 21, 2011

The Conspiracy Continues

OK. Like many American males I do most if not all of my reading on the throne. I have a handful of books lined up to read for when I go to my favorite seat in the house.

I had just finished a book and started reading Mike & Mike's Rules for Sports and Life. I had read Mike Greenberg's first book and loved it, and I enjoy the Mike & Mike radio show, so I figured I would like this as well. My wife even got me an autographed copy for my birthday.

Anyway, I am still only on the first chapter and was just about to finish up when I came across a final little anecdote from Mr. Greenberg himself. He has a little blurb called the "12 for 12", or the 12 things he would do if he were hired as the new MLB commissioner in 2012.

Well, what do I happen to come across? Something that looks awfully familiar.

If you recall I wrote a few year back that I have a bit of a conspiracy theory going on that someone is following me or has bugged my house or something. Because a lot of my ideas seem to come to fruition by someone else not long after I have thought of them.

Well, it happened again.

Heading back to 2008 I wrote this little number on the starting times of sporting events, especially important events. Well, Mr. Greenberg pretty much wrote word-for-word my thoughts on the subject for his No. 5 thing he would change in Major League Baseball.

Don't get me wrong, it's brilliant. Except - I was brilliant first. But, where is my credit.

That's it - I am not longer thinking. Let's see them get their ideas without me.

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