Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday's With Movies: 3/29/11

Tangled: It is obvious that I will watch this. I am a Disney fanatic, and I have a 4-year old. I actually received our copy of the movie from the Disney club last night, a whole day before it was released. Aren't I special?

Black Swan: OK, I love Natalie Portman and this film was nominated for an Oscar. I will be checking it out, despite the presence of ballet dancing. And, I don't know the whole story, but the movie apparently has some sort of twist or something (so I have heard). I am looking forward to it.

Fair Game: When I first saw the trailer for this I had no real intentions of seeing. But, I re-watched it and I also got a little more information on the film and it has grown on me, so I will check it out when I can.

All Good Things: I know nothing about this except it stars Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst, so it is in my queue. It is marked as a thriller - so I guess we will see what it is about.


  1. Black Swan is fantastic. Best made movie of last year, in my opinion. Though there's no twist in it... not really, anyway. Don't let the whole ballet thing deter you. Trust me. Though it is a bit disturbing, so I'm not sure how much you'd be able to handle.

  2. Disturbing how? No gore right?

    I can handle disturbing. I am just not into needless gore.

  3. I wouldn't say it's needless, and I wouldn't say it's gore. There's a little blood here and there--a couple things that made me cringe (losing fingernails or peeling skin... and not in a sunburned kind of way). The movie is definitely horror, but more in a psychological kind of way. By disturbing, I mean things are just trippy, weird, and kinda twisted at times. It's a fascinating film--and brilliantly shot--but it's not a film to sit down with some popcorn and expect mindless fun. It's directed by Darren Aronofsky, of course.

  4. OH, ok. Well, thank for the heads up so I can at least tell my wife.

    I watched Requiem for a Dream with no issues - I dont think this will have too much of an effect. I am still interested in seeing it.

  5. No need to let me know. I already heard and it makes me want to watch it even more!