Friday, March 25, 2011

30/50: King Arthur

I originally wanted to watch this film when it first came into the theater. At the time I had a bit of a Keira Knightley crush going on and was checking as many of her films as I could. But, I never got around to seeing it and I heard mixed reviews once it finally came out on DVD.

Anyway, King Arthur is not truly about Knightley, but it is a totally different way of telling the story of Arthur and the Knights of his round table. I, of course, am much more familiar with The Sword in the Stone and various forms that are about the same as that story - this one was completely different.

I have actually owned this movie for awhile and never once tossed it in until I forced myself to watch it with this list - and you know what, I didn't hate it. I may have actually enjoyed it.

Arthur (Clive Owen) leads a bunch of knights, including Lancelot (Ioan Gruffudd), to battle and protect land against the Woads - who are actually led by the "black" magician, Merlin (Stephene Dillane).

As the film opens, Arthur and his knights are on their final mission and will be allowed to go home after 15 years of fighting when they guide a bishop through Woad lands. However, once they arrive they are asked for one last mission to save a family, whose son just may one day be pope, from the attack of Saxons.

While at the castle of the family, Arthur knocks down a wall and realizes that the family has been killing people and leaving them to die in prisons. Found there is Guinevere (Knightley), who in this adaptation is a Woad.

In order to take down the Saxon army, the two sides - the Woads and Arthur's knights - come together and form their own army, which is still way smaller than the Saxon army.

I am not really sure why this was knocked so much, because I felt the acting was pretty good and the battle scenes - especially the one at the end - were amazing.

Also seeing this has reaffirmed my crush on Knightley, and I need her to stop making those wickedly boring period pieces. Get her in some odd comedy or a modern day action film.


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