Tuesday, March 22, 2011

26/50: Knight and Day

Last year a couple films came out that sort of had the same premise. An agent that runs into a run-of-the-mill woman, who somehow gets involved in their world.

I wanted to watch both to see which one I would like better, but I have to say I already think it is going to be Knight and Day.

Roy Miller (Tom Cruise) appears to be a rogue agent. He travels on a plane and does his best to keep everyone off of it - knowing what is on the plane - but somehow June Havens (Cameron Diaz) manages to make it on board. While in the bathroom, a bunch of agents jump out and attack Roy, who manages to kill everyone (including the pilots). When June comes out of the bathroom she is confronted with the airplane heading down and a bunch of dead passengers.

After the crash, Roy drugs June and she wakes up in her apartment - where Roy hopes to have left her for the last time. However, the other agents think that June may be teamed with June and capture her to question her.

This leads us on a trip around the world as Roy and June try to evade the other agents and track down Simon Feck (Paul Dano), who has created the Zephyr - a perpetual energy battery.

I have to admit, I really enjoyed this. This is the type of Cruise we need at almost all times - the crazy, off the wall actor. Also enjoyed Diaz in her role and without seeing the other film, I suspect I will have enjoyed her over Katherine Heigl.



  1. I really liked this much more than I expected to. Cruise returned to some of his former skills, and I really liked Diaz. Do not see Killers - it's a similar story and shows how horribly it can go wrong.

  2. I have been hearing that a lot, but unfortunately I added the Killers to my 50 list - so I will be watching it at some point. It would be nice to compare and contrast. Weird that the 'older' actors got it right and the younger couldnt.