Saturday, March 21, 2009

March Madness Round 2-1

My selections for Round 2. Higher Seed listed first.

Villanova/UCLA - Villanova

Villanova 89, UCLA 69. 1-0 for Round 2. After getting a huge scare from American in the first round, Villanova has awoken for round two as it destroyed UCLA to move into the Sweet 16.

Memphis/Maryland - Memphis

Memphis 89, Maryland 70. 2-0 Round 2. Memphis came out on fire, unlike its previous game against Cal-State Northridge. Maryland tried to rally back, but the Tigers wouldn't flinch.

Connecticut/Texas A&M - Connecticut

Connecticut 92, Texas A&M 66. 3-0 Round 2. Texas A&M hit its first 10 shots in the first round, but had trouble connecting against the No. 1 seeded Huskies. Too much all-around talent for Connecticut for the Aggies to handle.

Washington/Purdue - Purdue

Purdue 76, Washington 74. 4-0 Round 2. Purdue had a handle on this game for most of the contest, but a rally from Washington left the game in peril. Luckily some good defense and free thrown shooting propelled the Boilermakers to the win.

North Carolina/LSU - North Carolina

North Carolina 84, LSU 70. 5-0 Round 2. The Bengals gave the Tar Heels a huge scare as they held the lead midway through the second half, and never truly fell behind until late. Thank goodness for the return of Ty Lawson for North Carolina, or they could have been the first No. 1 seed out.

Oklahoma/Michigan - Oklahoma

Oklahoma 73, Michigan 63. 6-0 Round 2. The Wolverines were hanging with the Sooners for nearly the entire night, but too much Blake Griffin. Although, Oklahoma revealed a huge chink in its armor - free throw shooting.

Gonzaga/Western Kentucky - Gonzaga

Gonzaga 83, Western Kentucky 81. 7-0 Round 2. Another Cinderella goes down, but not without a fight. Western Kentucky battled Gonzaga until the very end - but it's the former Cinderella that moves on.

Duke/Texas - Texas

Duke 74, Texas 69. Round 2: 7-1. And the lone chink in my armor on Saturday was the Dukies. I thought a tougher Texas team would slide past them, but Duke proved to have a little more hustle in them than the Longhorns did - as they narrowly edged into the Sweet 16.

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